Who We Are

Arthur Eugene is an international patient services and support company that helps patients that require medical care and treatment in the United States to successfully navigate a complex US healthcare system, successfully, efficiently and at affordable cost.

Our mission is to bring the technological advancements in the US Health system to patients around the world,  while creating a unique experience for the customer

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to make your experience of medical care in the US less stressful, and as close to home as possible.

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What We Do

We understand that receiving medical care in a foreign country can be stressful. and therefore focus on working closely with you, through a step by step process, to help you navigate the US healthcare system and ensure that you receive medical care that is appropriate to your needs and preferences.

How We Do It

We created a network of physicians and specialists, and partnered with transport and property rental businesses to design a system that simplifies patient navigation within the U.S health system

Our system ensures you have all the information and resources required for a successful visit and treatment, and assigns a trained professional to guide you through each stage of the process.

Apart from your medical service, our goal is to provide the support to to help you overcome any fundamental or secondary barriers to care, such as financial, logistical and social challenges.

Arthur Eugene Concierge

Register on the Portal

Complete a patient assessment form on our secure web based portal, simple to use and accessible from anywhere in the world

Schedule Appointments

Based on your medical needs, we match you to one of the doctors or specialists in our network who will indicate what you need to proceed.

Arrange Logistics

Specify your preference of travel itinerary and coordinate transportation and accommodation services while in the U.S  

All Inclusive Payments

View invoices, bills and make payments in one central location to help you predict and anticipate  expenditure 

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