Get Your Medical Check-up and Treatment in the United States

International Patients can Connect With the Best Doctors and Facilities Across America 

We provide a seamless and personalized healthcare journey with access to leading medical professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovative healthcare solutions

Who We Are

Arthur Eugene is a professional concierge service that carters to the unique needs of international patients seeking medical treatment in the United States. Our comprehensive and streamlined system, takes care of every detail of your medical itinerary, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience that exceeds your expectations.

Services We Offer 

Medical Services

Join our portal to get started and match to a doctor or facility in the U.S

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Housing

Accommodation and transportation to appointments and destinations

Logistics and Planning

We act as liaison to manage your travel and medical plans from start to finish.


Who the Service is For

Adults seeking advanced knowledge and care to manage present health issues and prevent chronic illnesses proactively.
Proactive corporate or independent professionals that want to invest in their health.
Health and wellness program for adult females and new mothers with specialized obstetrics and postpartum care.
Elderly with chronic conditions needing care to improve their health and quality of life.

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How it Works

Join the Portal

Create a secure and private account on the AE portal to get started

Complete the Form

Answer some of personalized questions to specify your needs

Start Your Experience

Start managing and organizing your medical visit immediately

Guiding global patients to top medical solutions, beyond family or friend networks.

Why Arthur Eugene

A Service Borne Out Of Experience

Arthur Eugene was borne out of a desire to ease the journey of international patients navigating the U.S. healthcare system, often without adequate guidance. Recognizing the daunting challenges these patients face, from logistics to cultural integration, we offer a comprehensive service that handles all non-medical aspects of their visit. Our mission is to ensure that patients can concentrate solely on their health, with the reassurance that everything else is taken care of with compassion and efficiency.

How We Meet Your Expectations

Optimal Healthcare Choices

We expand your healthcare options beyond familiar locations by thoroughly vetting healthcare providers nationwide. You're empowered to choose the best care based on our validated recommendations, not just proximity to friends or family.

 Comfort and Mobility

From the moment you land, we handle your transportation and accommodation, offering everything from premium Uber services to a range of lodging options. Specify your preferences, and focus solely on your health while we ensure your comfort and security.

Seamless Cultural Integration

Navigating a new country can be challenging. We personalize your stay by researching and integrating local resources into your package, from traffic norms to dining and entertainment, ensuring a comfortable adjustment to American life.

Continuous Support

Our care extends from pre-arrival preparations to post-care follow-ups, ensuring continuity of care back in your home country. We stay connected, offering guidance and support for your ongoing health journey.


ask us

While we can certainly provide supporting medical documents for your visa application, we are not legally permitted to influence any part of the immigration process.

After submitting your form, we identify top doctors and facilities in your preferred area and provide you with optimal solutions. Upon your selection, we send an itinerary for your approval.

Our service is customized to your needs. After you join the portal and submit your form, we calculate your medical and living expenses, then send you a detailed invoice. You only pay if you choose to use our services. We have more information inside the portal

We only charge for non-medical services. All medical fees are paid directly to the health provider, unless prior arrangements are agreed ahead of time.

Our portal is HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to securely store your medical files for convenience. However, U.S. HIPAA laws prevent us from discussing your personal medical history without your explicit authorization. To enable us to discuss your medical information, please sign the authorization form provided here.

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