Frequently Asked Questions for Our International Patients

We offer concierge services  in Delaware Pennsylvania, New York,  Florida and Texas with more locations coming soon. If your preferred location is not included, select the option in our intake form

While we can certainly provide supporting medical documents for your visa application, we are not legally permitted to influence any part of the immigration process. Our service is purely medical access, but you can use any correspondence with us as a supporting document.

After you submit our Intake form, our team will meticulously analyze your submission. We’ll then curate three tailored options for your review and consideration. Upon selecting your preferred option, you will gain access to our exclusive portal. Here, you can proceed with transactions and specify your preferences, all while having access to dedicated support ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues that may arise.

There is an upfront payment that covers all the major services including your plan. These include consultations, treatment, housing and transportation.  You can use a personal credit card for all other transactions outside this purview. As Support for anything that is unclear within the Portal

Why Use Our Services

Arthur Eugene Medical Concierge

When you opt for medical care in the United States, it’s because you trust in the high success rates and quality of treatment and healthcare provided by the American medical system

American Medical Systems are built on decade long expertise, cutting-edge technology, and extensive knowledge, executed by a team of professionals who are committed to providing you – the patient – with exceptional results.

Medical Team at Arthur Eugene
Complex Medical System in the United States

The intricate American business models and healthcare entities can present challenges that impede patients from identifying the most efficient route to receiving optimal medical treatment

Arthur Eugene designs an integrated interaction system that enhances the way patients can access and take advantage of medical services in the United States, ensuring a seamless experience

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